Musings #7: January Blues? No, January Blur..

January has been an absolute whirlwind. We returned on Saturday from two jam-packed travel-heavy weeks in Bangladesh, and were immediately greeted on our return by a mild cold + jetlag simultaneously. Mr ZSDQ, being the absolute hero that he is, headed off to work mid-fever. We’re both still gradually recovering, and by 6pm I feel like I’m running on empty..

In any case, I just wanted to throw in a quick update: Several new things coming up on the blog shortly, including a photo series from our Bangladesh trip and a completed art piece. I know I haven’t updated on here since we headed off, but we were on the road almost constantly for the entire two weeks. Plus, I was determined to bask in the glorious sun as much as possible before we returned to the cruel cold of England.. Sob.

There’s a lot more I could write in this post – and let’s face it, there’s a lot for me to do (really, the chores list is endless!) – but I’m so exhausted that I’ll spare it for another day. I can’t wait to create more and hopefully create better.

Speak soon.


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