Musings #6: Happy New Year + Recap

Happy new year, folks!  I realise this is coming to you a few days late; my Dad fell quite ill on Boxing Day, but thankfully he was back home from hospital on New Year’s Eve – just in time! I spent the night surrounded by family, tea and banter, and I couldn’t have asked for more.

Whilst 2017 had tough low points, it taught me to be grateful for the many highs too. Our summer wedding, marrying my best friend and exploring Istanbul together will forever be some of my fondest memories. High five, hubs. Other highlights include our ten day break in Devon, visiting Highclere, my first ever feature (thanks, Jung Katz) and of course, my first ever brand collaboration in the form of my ‘Harmony’ print phone case with The Nasheed Club.

I’m excited and optimistic about what the new year will bring, and I do have some goals to work towards – a fresh twelve months is an excellent opportunity to kick start that motivation! This year, I hope I can grow as an artist more than ever before and break some barriers. My Amazon wishlist is prepared with books I aim to work through over the next few months as I ditch my Kindle in favour of the good old-fashioned paperback. And travel? Well, let’s see where the road takes us..

I hope and pray the new year brings you light, love and goodness. And don’t forget, you can keep up with me on Instagram at @zahra.siddiquia and see what I get up to in 2018!

All the best!


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