Completed Piece: ‘Nightingale’

My first completed piece of the year, 'Nightingale' is named after one of my favourite poems by Mahmoud Darwish. The poem, like this piece, is about liberation. 'Nightingale' marks my entry into creating repeat patterns with the twist of my own individual aesthetic. For this piece in particular, I was aiming for 'traditional meets whimsical' to create an unusual and quirky design, with freehand elements inspired by traditional biomorphic motifs.

This process was quite new to me, experimental and entirely manual - except for the repetition in Photoshop. I thoroughly enjoyed working through layers of freehand drawing, playing around with motif placement and of course, bringing life to the final tile design with colour.

Here are some images of this completed piece + a mockup paper roll view. Of course, do follow me on Instagram for more.


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