Like many of us, my love for creativity began from childhood. I fell in love with the innate ability to transform a blank page with the power of hands and imagination, and this passion has followed me throughout my life. Born and raised in London, some of my earliest influences were in the form of street art, and even more so – by contrast – the traditional and captivating grandeur of Islamic design; mosques, minarets and mihrabs deeply fascinated me and I was in complete awe of the vibrant colour palettes, fine craftsmanship and impeccable attention to detail.

After formal education and several years of figuring out my path, I focused on developing my relationship with paint, paper and brush on a practical level. Around this time, I attended several art classes and finally attended PSTA’s short courses where I studied under true masters of their craft. This experience significantly transformed my perspective and understanding, and thereafter I continued to create with a newfound appreciation for artistic discipline.

Today, my own work is primarily focused on the power of biomorphic design, geometrical composition and the power of traditional craftsmanship. I am still exploring (and I plan never to stop!), which is evident in my ongoing body of work which can be followed via my Instagram: @zahra.siddiquia